Molecular Sieves Beads / Pellets

Mol sieve 4A sieve is a crystalline aluminosilicate with SiO2 to Al2O3 as 2:1. It is formed by extensive cross linking of AlO4 & SiO4 tetrahedra, resulting in a uniform pore opening of 0.4 nm. Keeping in mind the customer’s requirements, our manufacturers manufacture the 4A Molecular Sieve in forms like: 3 mm Dia extruded pellets & 2 - 4 mm dia spheres by the state of the art technology in its plant at Mehsana. The products have equal to & in some cases better properties than what have been specified in the Bureau of Indian Standards: BIS 14211:1994.specifically it has very high water adsorption capacity and mechanical strength, and at the same time very low attrition loss. Its main application is in air & associated gas drying; however it may also be used favorably in place of activated alumina, where a lower dew point is required. The robust nature of the product makes it suitable for high pressure applications. We use clays from our own mines in the manufacture of this product, ensuring better control & uniformity in the quality of the final product.


Packing :-  MOL SIEVE 4A is packed for industrial use in airtight MS drums under hot conditions with proper sealing arrangements so that there is no ingress of moisture during storage & transportation

Standard Packing :-  210 Ltr. Drum

Size :-  565 X 850 mm

Life :-  MOL SIEVE 4A has infinite shelf life, when stored in packed condition. The active service life would depend, however on the operating conditions of the plant, actualapplication & usage by the customer
Loading :-

MOL SIEVE 4A does not require any special precaution or procedure during loading. However, the health of the grid support is to be checked, & the vessel is to be cleaned of dust, foreign particles, etc. before the adsorbent is loaded. During actual loading, the material should be poured carefully through funnel & chute so as to avoid dusting & attrition. The drums should not be kept in open condition, as the adsorbent would adsorb moisture. In case of prolonged exposure of the adsorbent to moisture during storage / loading, it may require prolonged regeneration at higher temperature to restore its full adsorptive capacity

Additional Information :-   
Item Code: Molecular-Sieve-4A-PELLET