Activated Alumina

Our organization is widely trusted in offering Activated Alumina Balls to our clients. Adchems provides Alumina Balls in 2 sizes: 2 – 5 MM dia & 5 – 8 MM dia, manufactured by our manufacturers at the State of the Art Technology plant in Mehsana (Gujarat). The products have at least equal to & some cases, better properties than what have been specified in the Bureau of Indian Standards: BIS 9700 (Revised 1991). Specifically it has very high water adsorption capacity 7 mechanical strength & at the same time very low attrition loss. Its main application is in air drying; however, it may be used favorably for purification of drinking water (fluoride removal) & removal of acidic vapour from gases. The robust nature of this product makes it suitable for application in high pressures. Our Activated Alumina is designed to give a dew point of at least 40°C in most conditions. However, in case of rigorous adsorptive drying, under high pressure, the moisture content in the exit gas or air may go down to less than 1 ppm (i. E., a dew point of -70°C & better).


      Accurate composition
      Precise pH balance
      Effective results


Activated Alumina has infinite shelf life, when stored in packed condition. The active service life would depend, however, on the operating conditions of the plant, actual application & the usage of the customer


Surface area by Benzene adsorption method. The values are lower when measured by BET Nitrogen method (300 – 320 m²/gm). Owing to carcinogenic threat to environment, safe method of Nitrogen Adsorption is adopted

For spheres of more than 5 MM diameter, the specific surface & water adsorption capacity values are approximately 10% lower than the above figures