Adsorbent Bags

Our organization is reliable provider of Adsorbent Bag to our clients. Adchems Specialities manufactures adsorbent bags using Import quality fabrics filled with the finest quality Molecular sieves available. The adsorbent bag, as per customer size & specifications, is manufactured at our state of the art facility in Bangalore, India. The adsorbent bags manufactured by us, finds numerous applications worldwide in Cryogenic, Pharma & other related industries where moisture removal is of critical importance.

Features :-
      Good quality
      Fine finish
      Easy to use

Re-Generation :-

Bags manufactured using Nomex type fibers can be heated up- To high temperatures of +300°C, thus regenerating the Molecular sieves inside for multiple uses. Molecular sieves are normally regenerated at a temperature of 225°C. Bags manufactured using non- Woven cloth / paper cannot be regenerated as they do not have high temperature withstanding capability & is meant for single use.

Packing :-

Bags are manufactured in moisture free dry room & packed in air- Tight PP bags. Smaller bags are packed into 1 Kg bags & supplied in multiples. Bags for Cryogenic or similar applications are packed individually due to its size & weight. Molecular sieves, if required loose are packed for industrial use in airtight MS drums under hot conditions with proper sealing arrangements, so that there is no ingress of moisture during storage & transportation. Standard drum size - 210 liter drum.

Design :-

Bags are custom manufactured in any shape or size depending on customer requirements.

Life :-

Molecular Sieves has infinite shelf life, when stored in packed condition. The active service life would depend however on the operating conditions, actual application & usage by customer.

Material Safety Data :-

Molecular sieves as such are neither flammable nor toxic. Over all it’s not hazardous. Bags depending on type of material could be either flammable or not, but not toxic. The product gets slightly hot when it’s first exposed to atmosphere due to adsorption of moisture.

Application :-

Bags manufactured using non-woven cloth is used for moisture removal in pharma & chemical

Industries. This is mainly a one-time useable bags, even though we could manufacture multiple use bags based on requirements.

Bags manufactured using Nomex fiber is used in Cryogenic applications & has a long life of 2-3 years & sometimes up-to 7 years based on working conditions.
Additional Information :-
      Item Code: AB-001